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Want to chat with us on IRC? Need help with it? Not sure what it is?

What is IRC?

Internet Relay Chat is (primarily) a text chat protocol. You can use it to chat to people who are playing on our game servers without being in-game yourself. A more detailed description is available here.

What do I need to connect?

To join us, you will need an IRC client. There are many clients available across a wide range of platforms such as HexChat, Pidgin and mIRC. There are also web-based clients available such as Kiwi IRC and Mibbit.

You can view a more comprehensive list of clients here.

Where do I join?

You can join #metastruct on litterbin.dev (Kiwi IRC, Mibbit).

Registration, or: Why do I see ticks/crosses next to people's names in-game?

Anyone can use a nickname in IRC, so this means that someone may not be who they say they are. We have an automated service, NickServ, which allows people to register their nickname so only they can use it. People who have not registered and are using a non-registered name will have no symbol next to their name. People who are using a registered nickname but have not identified with NickServ will have a red cross next to their name.

However, just because someone has registered their nick and logged in it does not mean they are who they say they are, as an impostor may have registered the nick. For this reason, we have a third status, the green tick , which means the user has identified with NickServ and an admin has verified this person's identity.

A grey question mark ? indicates the status of the nickname's registration is unknown (for example if NickServ is offline).

How do I register my nickname?

You can send a private message to NickServ ("help") for a list of commands, including how to register.

I need help!

If you need help with IRC, join the #help channel!